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Tel: 484-620-3586


Katelyn Jackson is a professional costume designer who has recently relocated to Dallas, TX. She is pursuing an MFA in Entertainment Design at Southern Methodist Univeristy.

She earned her BA in Theatre from Regent University and worked as an undergraduate assistant and later as first hand in their costume shop from 2012 to 2022.

 Some of her credits include designs for for Zeiders American Dream Theatre of Virginia Beach; the Hermitage Museum and Gardens (sometimes in partnership with Virginia Stage Company) of Norfolk, VA; and Mercucry Theatre Company of Cleveland, OH.


She also has a passion for supporting community theatre. When living in Virginia, she was actively involved as a costume designer for Generic Theater, The Little Theatre of Virginia Beach, and the Little Theatre of Norfolk (where she also served as Vice President of the Board of Directors).

For availability or a full resume, please contact.

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